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A & F Tutors gives scholarships to outstanding students to social mobility gaps

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This time around, our outstanding student Beverley in Year 8 who is on A & F Tutoring Scholarship, won the Prince of Wales Mathematics Award. This has been due to the mentoring/ Tutoring support she received from A & F Tutors Ltd


A & F Tutors are working closely with the department for work & pensions kickstart scheme. This helps provided jobs for young people on universal credit, between 16-24 years old that are at risk of long term unemployment. We help by providing a job for 6 months alongside training to take on to future jobs.

Our Kickstart Team


HR Assistant

- Assisting HR 

- Supporting internal and external inquiries 

- Maintaining employee records 


Admin Assistant

- Assists with emails, Invoices & Receipts

- Communicates with clients & tutors

- Entering data in different documents.


Social Media Assistant


- Creating a monthly newsletter & publishing

- Finding new ways of marketing.


Marketing Assistant

- Producing flyers 

- Promoting the company with new ideas


Finance Assistant


- Preparing financial records

- Compose tax documents & financial statements

- Maintaining financial policies 

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Feedback  from summer 2018 Microplacement Student from City University


In recognition of our exceptional track record of helping students, adults and professionals acquire social mobility using education as a tool.


A & F Tutors has been selected by City University, London as a social mobility partner for the university's mircro-placement programme. A new mobility initiative which aim to help students acquire employable skills, especially those from low social economic backgrounds.

Diana - BSc Pyschology,

City University, London

"Over the summer of 2018, I took part in a placement scheme at University and luckily, I was placed with A and F tutors. Due to my health, I was unable to complete other placements and it was a troubled time for me. However, Aloysius, not only supported me on a professional level, but also on a person level and it was nice to know my presence was valued. I would like to thank Aloysius , not only for his time, determination and patience but also for teaching me and guiding me throughout my time on the placement. The support and advice I have received has been amazing,  Thank you again Aloysius!"


- Diana 

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