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Our process is broken down into stages which are simple, practical and aimed at helping the mentee get the most out of their journey.

Step 1: Preparation 

- Exchange of basic details and profiles between the mentor and mentee

- Mentor and mentee decide how much structure is needed

- Mentor and Mentee will discuss the purpose of mentoring/coaching

- Mentor and mentee will identify practical boundaries and decide on approach

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Step 2: Get Started

- Mentor and mentee will establish the tone for the relationship

- Mentor and mentee will get to know each other

- Mentor will identify and know the mentee’s aspirations, then

- Mentor and mentee will agree on review methods e.g. exchanging feedback, frequency, etc

- Mentor will maintain the progress and tone of the relationship, carryout informal reviews of process and approach

Step 3: Consolidate Learning

- Mentor and mentee will review progress of the assignment,

- The identify key journey themes/points of learning

- Mentor will offer and request feedback

- Mentor and mentee will identify development methods

- Agree on schedule to complete the mentoring process

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Step 4: Parting ways - Complete the relationship

- Final summaries and acknowledgements

- Agreements/options for future contact

- Informal Discussion to complete the process

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Business Support Manager

"I would highly recommend Aloysius as a mentor. His ability to pinpoint my skills gave me the confidence to go after the role I wanted in order to kick start my career as a PA. From day one, he showed me the strategies I needed. He mentored me on a regular basis on how to plan life on subjects such as career, to financial structuring. Thanks to Mr. Fontama's support in preparing interviews with mock interviews and motivation, CV writing, I have recently secured my dream role, which is something I could never envisioned it without his help."

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