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We provide guidance for university & apprenticeships. 


University can open may doors to education and sociability. There are opportunities to make professional connections within your chosen degree and you will be able to enhance your skills that you can use in life. You will be able to live and make new friends through out your experience.​


Apprenticeships are arguably the fastest route for young people to acquire earning and learning. Especially those from low social-economic or financially disadvantaged background.

This enables young people to gain more knowledge, and experience earlier in life than if they attended college or university. This can help prepare them better for a future career and life opportunities.

Provides an unrivalled platform which exposes young people to a wide range of opportunities. This allows them to gain employable skills, develop steadily in line with their abilities and strengths.

Saves young people from acquiring over £50,000 in debt from university fees. At the same time an apprenticeship provides an alternative route to achieve a degree free of charge.

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Dominique - BA (Hons) Health & Social Care Management

​“I am an undergraduate student in Health care management. Mr Fontama has been my tutor and mentor all along. Due to his support as a mentor and personal tutor in essay writing techniques, how to write research projects, referencing essays and IT training, I completed my HND in Health Care Management with Merit and Distinction  score in over 70% of the modules. He is a great tutor and motivator whom I would recommend to any student. He also facilitated my admission for a top-up with personal statement and CV and is still my tutor & Mentor."


Apprenticeship Mentoring with Amidu. Through our support, Amidu completed his level 3 Certificate in Electrical Installation and currently working full time.

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