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90% of our students have improved their grades and attitude to learning within 3-months and we have facilitated transition from primary to secondary, secondary to sixth form for all our students, into their school of choice.

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Aloysius Yongbi Fontama

Founder & CEO


 Tutor, Investor & Author of "How to invest in the stock market for the first time and make money"


100 Reviews

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Wagma(Mentee feedback)

Studying: LLM International Law, University of Westminster


I was in the process of making a decision about my postgraduate studies but was struggling to figure out what was the best course for me in line with my passion and skills. Mr. Fontama used various reflective techniques to help me put things back into perspective. He also supported me in developing a CV and personal statement which is tailored to that purpose. Due to his excellent support as a mentor, I am studying and excelling in what I am passionate about, in line with my future career prospects.

"Amazing mentor"

Last year, 100% of our GCSE students have passed Maths, Science and English
with over 70% of them achieving As and Bs

A&F TUTORS has provided guidance, support, tutoring, mentoring and coaching to 100% of our students from year 1 to year 3 at University, NVQ LEVEL 1-3 or HNC LEVEL 4 – 6 in various fields including health and social care, travel and tourism, Science, Engineering, IT, Maths and Quantitively Finance, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Childcare and others.


100% of our career mentoring clients have secured a job within 3 months of receiving support from A&F Tutors.

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Andrew(Mentee's feedback)

Year 6 student


"Before I started lessons with Mr. Aloys, I was in Level 5 in Maths. Now, I am in Level 6 because of Mr. Aloys support. He is very funny, makes me laugh all the time and his advice has given more confidence to complete my home work even without his help."

"The Best Tutor in the World"

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Said (Mentee's feedback)

Year 11 student


“When I started with A&F Tutors, in Year 10, I was in set 2 in Science and needed to improve my examination techniques. After 6 months of receiving tutoring and mentoring from my Tutor, I have improved a lot in science and Maths, and now in the top set in Science i.e. set 1”. What I also like the tutoring/mentoring approach from A&F Tutors where unlike before, I now use Journals to keep records of my main tasks, reflect and put things into perspective in order to make sense out it. This approach has helped me to improve my organisation skills, ability to keep records and reflect."

Diana - BSc Pyschology,

City University, London

Feedback  from summer 2018 Microplacement Student from City University

"Over the summer of 2018, I took part in a placement scheme at University and luckily, I was placed with A and F tutors. Due to my health, I was unable to complete other placements and it was a troubled time for me. However, Aloysius, not only supported me on a professional level, but also on a person level and it was nice to know my presence was valued. I would like to thank Aloysius , not only for his time, determination and patience but also for teaching me and guiding me throughout my time on the placement. The support and advice I have received has been amazing,  Thank you again Aloysius!"


- Diana 


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Parents, students and teachers have rated us 4.9 out of 5

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Dominique, BA (Hons) Health & Social Care Management

​“I am an undergraduate student in Health care management. Mr Fontama has been my tutor and mentor all along. Due to his support as a mentor and personal tutor in essay writing techniques, how to write research projects, referencing essays and IT training, I completed my HND in Health Care Management with Merit and Distinction  score in over 70% of the modules. He is a great tutor and motivator whom I would recommend to any student. He also facilitated my admission for a top-up with personal statement and CV and is still my tutor & Mentor."

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Pauline, Business Support Manager

"I would highly recommend Aloysius as a mentor. His ability to pinpoint my skills gave me the confidence to go after the role I wanted in order to kick start my career as a PA. From day one, he showed me the strategies I needed, and mentored me on a regular basis on how to plan my life on subjects such as career, to financial structuring. Thanks to Mr. Fontama's support in preparing interviews with mock interviews and motivation, CV writing, I have recently secured my dream role, which is something I could never have envisioned it without his help".

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Colay, Year 7 Student

"Mr Aloys can be annoying

at times because he makes

me do more school work than

I would like to. But I like him

because he is always there to

support me. Due to  his 

support, I am doing well

at school now than before"

Andrew, Year 6 Student

"Before I started
lessons with Mr. Aloys, I
was in Level 5 in Maths.
Now, I am in Level 6 
because of Mr. Aloys 
support.  He is very funny, makes me laugh all the time and his advice has given more confidence to complete my home work even without his help."

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